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BladefishBladefishThis rarely seen giant saltwater fish has teeth as sharp as knives.
Skill CapSizeVibration
StackGuild PointHarakiri
11200 / 5040 (Quantity : 5)
Slice of BluetailSlice of BluetailSliced SardineSliced SardineMeatballMeatball
Rogue RigRogue Rig (Rarely)Robber RigRobber Rig (Rarely)
South GustabergWest SarutabarutaEast Sarutabaruta
Bibiki BayManaclipper
Fishing RodBreak?Other
Willow Fish. RodBreakable
Yew Fishing RodBreakable
Bamboo Fish. RodBreakable
Fastwater F. RodBreakable
Tarutaru F. RodBreakable
Glass Fiber F. RodBreakable
Carbon Fish. RodBreakable
ClothespoleBreakableToo Small
S.H. Fishing RodBreakableToo Small
Mithran Fish. RodBreakableToo Small
Comp. Fishing RodLine is breakableToo Small
Lu Shang's F. RodUnbreakable
Hume Fishing RodBreakable
Halcyon RodBreakable
Ebisu Fishing RodUnknown