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Red TerrapinRed TerrapinThis vicious turtle lives in the lakes and marshes of Quon.
Skill CapSizeVibration
StackGuild PointHarakiri
12900 / 4650 (Quantity : 6)
Shell BugShell BugGiant Shell BugGiant Shell BugFrog LureFrog Lure
Lizard LureLizard LureRogue RigRogue Rig (Rarely)Robber RigRobber Rig (Rarely)
West RonfaureGhelsba OutpostLa Theine Plateau
DavoiJugner ForestPhanauet Cannel
Rolanberry FieldsPashhow MarshlandsGiddeus
Sanctuary of Zi'TahJugner Forest [S]La Vaule [S]
Vunkerl Inlet [S]Rolanberry Fields [S]Pashhow Marshlands [S]
Fishing RodBreak?Other
Willow Fish. RodUnknown
Yew Fishing RodUnknown
Bamboo Fish. RodUnknown
Fastwater F. RodUnknown
Tarutaru F. RodUnknown
Glass Fiber F. RodUnknown
Carbon Fish. RodUnknown
ClothespoleUnknownToo Small
S.H. Fishing RodUnknownToo Small
Mithran Fish. RodUnknownToo Small
Comp. Fishing RodUnbreakableToo Small
Lu Shang's F. RodUnbreakable
Hume Fishing RodUnbreakable
Halcyon RodUnbreakable
Ebisu Fishing RodUnknown