Selected Bait : Robber Rig
Robber RigRobber RigA fishing apparatus comprised of several luminescent hooks. The hooks are designed to latch on to the fish's scales.
How to Get
Exchange by 1500 guild points (Fishermen's Guild)
Phanauet Newt(4) Phanauet Newt (Rarely)Cobalt Jellyfish(5) Cobalt Jellyfish (Rarely)Denizanasi(5) Denizanasi (Rarely)
Crayfish(7) Crayfish (Rarely)Bibikibo(8) Bibikibo (Rarely)Bastore Sardine(9) Bastore Sardine (Rarely)
Hamsi(9) Hamsi (Rarely)Moat Carp(11) Moat Carp (Rarely)Greedie(14) Greedie (Rarely)
Copper Frog(16) Copper Frog (Rarely)Yellow Globe(17) Yellow Globe (Rarely)Muddy Siredon(18) Muddy Siredon (Rarely)
Quus(19) Quus (Rarely)Forest Carp(20) Forest Carp (Rarely)Tiny Goldfish(20) Tiny Goldfish (Rarely)
Cheval Salmon(21) Cheval Salmon (Rarely)Fat Greedie(24) Fat Greedie (Rarely)Gurnard(26) Gurnard (Rarely)
Moorish Idol(26) Moorish Idol (Rarely)Blindfish(27) Blindfish (Rarely)Nebimonite(27) Nebimonite (Rarely)
Tricolored Carp(27) Tricolored Carp (Rarely)Lungfish(28 ?) Lungfish (Rarely)Pipira(29) Pipira (Rarely)
Tiger Cod(29) Tiger Cod (Rarely)Caedarva Frog(30) Caedarva Frog (Rarely)Elshimo Frog(30) Elshimo Frog (Rarely)
Giant Catfish(31) Giant Catfish (Rarely)Yayinbaligi(31) Yayinbaligi (Rarely)Dark Bass(33) Dark Bass (Rarely)
Crystal Bass(35) Crystal Bass (Rarely)Ogre Eel(35) Ogre Eel (Rarely)Bibiki Urchin(36 ?) Bibiki Urchin (Rarely)
Brass Loach(36 ?) Brass Loach (Rarely)Alabaligi(37) Alabaligi (Rarely)Shining Trout(37) Shining Trout (Rarely)
Nosteau Herring(39) Nosteau Herring (Rarely)Istavrit(40 ?) Istavrit (Rarely)Veydal Wrasse(40 ?) Veydal Wrasse (Rarely)
Coral Butterfly(41) Coral Butterfly (Rarely)Gugru Tuna(41) Gugru Tuna (Rarely)Lakerda(41) Lakerda (Rarely)
Zafmlug Bass(43) Zafmlug Bass (Rarely)Gold Lobster(46) Gold Lobster (Rarely)Istakoz(46) Istakoz (Rarely)
Black Eel(47) Black Eel (Rarely)Yilanbaligi(47) Yilanbaligi (Rarely)Cone Calamary(48) Cone Calamary (Rarely)
Kalamar(48) Kalamar (Rarely)Icefish(49) Icefish (Rarely)Giant Donko(50) Giant Donko (Rarely)
Sandfish(50) Sandfish (Rarely)Monke-Onke(51) Monke-Onke (Rarely)Istiridye(53) Istiridye
Kaplumbaga(53) Kaplumbaga (Rarely)Red Terrapin(53) Red Terrapin (Rarely)Shall Shell(53) Shall Shell
Vongola Clam(53) Vongola ClamBluetail(55) Bluetail (Rarely)Uskumru(55) Uskumru (Rarely)
Gold Carp(56) Gold Carp (Rarely)Sazanbaligi(56) Sazanbaligi (Rarely)Trilobite(59) Trilobite (Rarely)
Elshimo Newt(60) Elshimo Newt (Rarely)Bhefhel Marlin(61) Bhefhel Marlin (Rarely)Kilicbaligi(61) Kilicbaligi (Rarely)
Trumpet Shell(63) Trumpet ShellBetta(66 ?) Betta (Rarely)Noble Lady(66) Noble Lady (Rarely)
Ca Cuong(69 ?) Ca Cuong (Rarely)Crescent Fish(69) Crescent Fish (Rarely)Zebra Eel(70) Zebra Eel (Rarely)
Bladefish(71) Bladefish (Rarely)Rhinochimera(73 ?) Rhinochimera (Rarely)Kayabaligi(75) Kayabaligi (Rarely)
Tavnazian Goby(75) Tavnazian Goby (Rarely)Silver Shark(76) Silver Shark (Rarely)Jungle Catfish(80) Jungle Catfish (Rarely)
Gavial Fish(81) Gavial Fish (Rarely)Three-eyed Fish(81) Three-eyed Fish (Rarely)Garpike(83 ?) Garpike (Rarely)
Bastore Bream(86) Bastore Bream (Rarely)Mercanbaligi(86) Mercanbaligi (Rarely)Black Ghost(88) Black Ghost (Rarely)
Pirarucu(89 ?) Pirarucu (Rarely)Ahtapot(90) Ahtapot (Rarely)Grimmonite(90) Grimmonite (Rarely)
Emperor Fish(91) Emperor Fish (Rarely)Gigant Squid(91) Gigant Squid (Rarely)Morinabaligi(91) Morinabaligi (Rarely)
Megalodon(93) Megalodon (Rarely)Black Sole(96) Black Sole (Rarely)Dil(96) Dil (Rarely)
Pterygotus(99) Pterygotus (Rarely)Sea Zombie(101) Sea Zombie (Rarely)Takitaro(101) Takitaro (Rarely)
Titanictus(101) Titanictus (Rarely)Armored Pisces(103) Armored Pisces (Rarely)Giant Chirai(103) Giant Chirai (Rarely)
Titanic Sawfish(103) Titanic Sawfish (Rarely)Tricorn(103) Tricorn (Rarely)Cave Cherax(104) Cave Cherax (Rarely)
Ryugu Titan(104 ?) Ryugu Titan (Rarely)Turnabaligi(104 ?) Turnabaligi (Rarely)Kalkanbaligi(105) Kalkanbaligi (Rarely)
Abaia(120) Abaia (Rarely)Gerrothorax(120) Gerrothorax (Rarely)Gugrusaurus(120) Gugrusaurus (Rarely)
Lik(120) Lik (Rarely)Mola Mola(120) Mola Mola (Rarely)Bastore Sweeper(???) Bastore Sweeper (Rarely)
Gigant Octopus(???) Gigant Octopus (Rarely)1 Gil1 Gil (Rarely)100 Gils100 Gils (Rarely)
Arrowwood LogArrowwood Log (Rarely)Bugbear MaskBugbear Mask (Rarely)Copper RingCopper Ring (Rarely)
Coral FragmentCoral Fragment (Rarely)Damp ScrollDamp Scroll (Rarely)Fish Scale ShieldFish Scale Shield (Rarely)
Lamp MarimoLamp Marimo (Rarely)Moblin MaskMoblin Mask (Rarely)Mythril DaggerMythril Dagger (Rarely)
Mythril SwordMythril Sword (Rarely)Norg ShellNorg Shell (Rarely)Pamtam KelpPamtam Kelp (Rarely)
Ripped CapRipped Cap (Rarely)Rusty BucketRusty Bucket (Rarely)Rusty CapRusty Cap (Rarely)
Rusty GreatswordRusty Greatsword (Rarely)Rusty LeggingsRusty Leggings (Rarely)Rusty PickRusty Pick (Rarely)
Rusty SubligarRusty Subligar (Rarely)Silver RingSilver Ring (Rarely)