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Noble LadyNoble LadyA large saltwater fish that lives in the southern seas.
Skill CapSizeVibration
StackGuild PointHarakiri
121200 / 5040 (Quantity : 5)
Sliced SardineSliced SardinePeeled LobsterPeeled LobsterMinnowMinnow
Sinking MinnowSinking MinnowShrimp LureShrimp LureRogue RigRogue Rig (Rarely)
Robber RigRobber Rig (Rarely)
ManaclipperShipOpen sea route
Fishing RodBreak?Other
Willow Fish. RodUnknown
Yew Fishing RodUnknown
Bamboo Fish. RodUnknown
Fastwater F. RodUnknown
Tarutaru F. RodUnknown
Glass Fiber F. RodUnknown
Carbon Fish. RodUnknown
ClothespoleUnknownToo Small
S.H. Fishing RodUnknownToo Small
Mithran Fish. RodUnknownToo Small
Comp. Fishing RodUnbreakableToo Small
Lu Shang's F. RodUnbreakable
Hume Fishing RodLine is breakable
Halcyon RodLine is breakable
Ebisu Fishing RodUnknown